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Value Select is a Long-term Investment strategy focus is on finding quality & value and catch the trends when they are Young. Our aim is to ensure that we give value to all our clients this is the reason you would be getting more than what you pay for. We are very much focused on the capital protection e.i. we first do a thorough assessment of downside risk only then start looking at the potential upside for any company.

In long-term investing you will not be required to stay glued to the monitor all the time. As per the market conditions and requirement your portfolio will be balanced. You would receive a weekly report of your portfolio to keep a close track of the same.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

– Warren Buffet

  • Fundamental Research  90% 90%
  • Technical Analysis 70% 70%
  • Industry / Sector Research 60% 60%
  • Scuttlebutt 70% 70%
  • Behavioural Finance 80% 80%
  • Checklist / Macro Economics 60% 60%

We are SEBI Registered Research Analysts (Registration No. INH200006293).  As a premium member, you will receive a monthly recommendation report, with a new stock idea, which has a potential to grow multi-fold.

  • Fresh Recommendation with detailed analysis.

  • Views, Report, and Updates on existing recommendations.

  • Special Reports on Special Events which have Material Impact on Portfolio.

Keeping in sync with our investment philosophy, the investment horizon would be long term. The current stock holding would change if there is a better opportunity or the performance metrics of the existing companies change.



Through Value Select, we aim to offer an exclusive one-stop research service dedicated to researching and providing independent and unbiased views on high growth potential stock.

Wealth Creating Ideas

The Idea is to not get caught in Short Term Trading Gains but looking for Opportunities which can grow multi-fold. Investors with a Horizon of 2-5 years. Short term volatility are part of the market and that should not hinter the Value Investor.

SEBI Registered

SEBI Registered Research Analysts Registration No. INH200006293 we follow all due-diligence and compliance procedure as per SEBI regulations and run by team of qualified MBAs and with rich experience in investment analysis and portfolio management.


Independent Equity Research

We appreciate that money works for us. Stock’s entry and exit are decided when the fundamentals of the company change or a better growth opportunity is available. CANSLIM is one of the methods of Valuation.



We are not dependent on Desk Reseach alone. Various steps are taken to understand and ensure that desk research is matched in reality. High importance is given to small and emerging companies which are dominant in their niche, are run by a competent and ethical management.



We have Deliberately kept our fees low so that everyone can Participate.

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We believe that one strategy does not fit all. Our in house team has designed a process to decide the right strategy for the investor. All the strategies take care about Capital Protection along with managing Growth versus Value. We believe that the right strategy is the start of the Good Investment Process.

Capital Protection

Market volatility cannot be denied while investing in the long term, it’s our obsession to look for quality management which has made all the difference in the past. Management’s competency will influence upside return while integrity will protect the downside. Quality management ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent.

Growth / Value

Growth Investing vs Value Investing. Neither approach is guaranteed to provide appreciation in stock market value; both carry investment risk. Right combination of both makes all the difference in stock picking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If You Have Reached Till Here and Still have Queries We are Sure you are Convinced about the Product. Let’s look at some Frequently Asked Question regarding Value Select Specificly.

What is the Minimum Investment Required for Value Select?

We believe that expenses above 2.5% would affect the performance in long-term. The amount available for investment should be able to manage the expense ratio or expected commitments for further funds allocations.

What are the Stocks that fall under Value Select?

We give high importance to value stocks in combination to growth opportunity. Our stock selection is diversified across capitalization and sector.

What is the Risk to Reward Ratio of the Value Select?

We are looking to perform better than Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Real Estate and Gold. Our target would be CAGR of 18% to 22% measure over the long-term. Temporarily Volatility is not considered as a risk. We consider High Capital erosion very quickly as the risk. It’s not realistic to expect all the stocks to perform well. Even if few stocks are outperformers we can expect a very good outcome.

How many Stock Ideas will I Get?

Broadly we expect 12 Ideas per annum which varies according to market opportunities. During an exceptional situation it can even go as high as 25.

How does the Stock Allocation Work and are we Fully Invested all the Time?

 The average stock weight would vary from 3% to 10%. Based on the opportunity and our calculations it would vary and would be intimated to your at regular interval. We would also sit on Cash at a times when the Opportunities are very limited. 

How does the Target Price and Stop-loss Work?

Long-term value Investing is based on Fundamentals. Our Exit and entry would be strongly based on the change in the fundamentals of the company.  Target price and stop-loss is a practice of Trading and the same do not implies to Fundamental value Investing. 

Mode of Communication?

You would be communicated through email all the updates and research reports. We are also looking to integrate with another Business Communication software which will be intimated to you on signing up.

When and How can I cancel my subscription?

Once the charges are paid the Subscription is non cancellable and non Transferable. 

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