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Get an Intelligent, Fully Managed Research on Capital Markets.

Quality Signals from Fundamental & Technical Analysis. Knowledge from Serving Variety of Clients.

Wealth Creating Strategy

Our Perpetual Quench for Finding and Evaluating Emerging Businesses on Indian Bourses for Finding the ones with Potential to Grow Multifold and run by Ambitious Entreprenerus who are Ready to take Part in Indian Growth Story.

What We Offer

Value Select

Value Stocks which have the Potential to Grow Multi-fold Times. Focused at Quality stocks with In-depth Research.


Momentum Special

If you are looking for Short Term Products which Picks stock Base on Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

FXCM Research

If you are into Import & Export and you have foreign currency exposure then this product is for you.

Experienced Advisor, You Can Trust

Quality Stocks do not Come Easy it takes hours of Research. The Insight given in the Research Report is for an Entrepreneur, Doctor or Engineer to take Part in Indian Stock Market and Invest like a Professional. Research is What We Promise. Simplifying Investing and Helping Your Build Wealth with Honest Research.


Years in Experience

hours of research

Invest Responsibly

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We Back Our Research With Our Own Skin in the Game

Our Interest are allied with our customers we invest in the Stocks we Recommend. Our only focus is “Wealth Creation” through long-term equity investment. Financial Intelligence is creating wealth in long-term, and to create wealth the key ingredient is Time.

Our Customers

“Research&Wealth reports are very detailed and in-depth which even a common can understand. After reading the research reports I understand the amount of work that must be going inside to create such an awesome product..”

-Preeti Davey

“I know him from quite sometime and I didn’t know that he is good at catching the trends which are people ignoring. I would definitely recommend Research&Wealth for anyone who wants to get started into capital markets . .”

“Suprised to know their simple and yet effective research methodology. He is always more focused on Longterm Investing rather than Trading. After knowing Chintan I have stopped Trading and started Investing. ”

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